Metal Restoration System

Details about this System

This system will restore and rehab old rusty metal roofs that would otherwise need to be replaced. This systems starts by having the metal roof pressure washed and then acid etched and rinsed. The roof is then primed with Conklin Encase, a rust inhibitor primer. All of the vertical and horizontal seams then are sprayed with a Conklin acrylic base coat coating and then fabric is embedded into the coating, a second layer of coating is then applied on top of the fabric that was embeded into the coating. All loose fasteners are then replaced and all of the fasteners are then caulked with Conklin Fastener Grade Kwik Kaulk. After all of the prep work is complete the roof is then coated in a Conklin reflective top coat. The top coats are now available in eight stocked colors other than white. 

Applying RRIII Top Coat

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